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Community Involvement

Sandoshin Taiko

Sandoshin Taiko is a traditional Japanese drumming group that provides community musical performances. The group blends traditional taiko drumming with martial arts for dynamic live shows. Almost all of the group members have handcrafted the taiko drums that are used in the performances. Bryan Burkhart co-founded the group in 2000 as a way to provide cultural awareness of traditional Japanese drumming and martial arts.

Northern California Taiko Expo

The NorCal Taiko Expo is an annual event in Morgan Hill, California that brings local and far away taiko groups together for one day to provide a free community performance. The NorCal Taiko Expo is affiliated with the annual Haru Matsuri celebration of spring festival that takes place at the Morgan Hill Buddhist Community Center. Sandoshin Taiko is the entertainment host of the NorCal Taiko Expo.

Renkishin Dojo

Renkishin Dojo is a traditional Japanese dojo (martial arts school) located at 259 West Main Avenue in Morgan Hill. Renkishin Dojo offers Shikon-Ryu Aikibudo, Shinkendo (sword techniques), Aikido/Aikibujutsu and Tactical Street Defense (based on Chinese martial arts). Bryan Burkhart is a Black Belt level instructor in the Shikon-Ryu Aikibudo program.